What is Tidal Shift?

Tidal Shift communicates the negative impact of plastic bag pollution in our oceans through large scale participatory public art installations as North Shore communities rally to adopt positive legislation to reduce single-use plastic bags.

  • We travel to different communities and run community art campaigns in specific locations, depending on community needs.
  • Tidal Shift supports new plastic bag reduction legislation on the North Shore,  and aims to illustrate the impact of plastic bags on our local marine life.
  • We believe the arts have the power to raise awareness, start important dialogues, and encourage action.

Join us as we transition from single-use plastic to reusable bags!


  • We use and dispose of 100 billion plastic bags every year, many of which end up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • Marine wildlife mistake plastic bags for food, especially sea turtles hunting jellyfish.
  • Join 61 (and counting) other Massachusetts cities in an effort to reduce plastic bag pollution.

> Learn more about plastic bag pollution


artist: Alyssa Irizarry, From the Bow Seat

How can I get involved?

If we mobilize, make small changes in our daily lives, and create art with a strong message, we can cause a tidal shift! Let’s spread the message to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

> Make a plastic bag jellyfish at home or at a workshop
> An introduction to the Tidal Shift project
> Read about our past workshops


> Beverly MA

In collaboration with City Councilor Estelle Rand and the Bring Your Own Bag Beverly Ad Hoc, Tidal Shift is beginning an educational campaign around a eliminating single-use plastic bags. More to come soon!

          > Gloucester MA

Tidal Shift installation in collaboration with Flatrocks Gallery for the 2017 “In Deep Water” exhibition.

         > Salem MA 

Tidal Shift is a creation of Studioful in collaboration with Salem Sound Coastwatch and From the Bow Seat, with the support of Salem Main Streets, Creative Salem, the Salem Public Art Commission, and the City of Salem. The project was installed by the City of Salem Electrical Department May 31, 2017 and uninstalled in late September 2017. All the plastic bag jellyfish were appropriately recycled.


  • Beverly Cultural Council
  • Beverly Harbor Management Authority
  • Beverly Waste Reduction Committee
  • Creative North Shore
  • From the Bow Seat
  • Phoenix School
  • Salem Main Streets
  • Salem Sound Coastwatch


  • Art CAN Make a Difference
  • Collins Middle School
  • Flatrocks Gallery
  • Life Alive
  • Naumkeag Ordinary
  • Nathaniel Bowditch School
  • Peabody Essex Museum (PEM), Artopia
  • Phoenix School
  • Salem Arts Association, Bridge at 211
  • Salem Council on Aging
  • Salem Education Foundation Day
  • Salem Public Library
  • Salem Public Space Project, 10 Derby Square
  • Salem Sound Coast Watch, Earth Day
  • Salem State University, High School Marine Science Symposium
  • Saltonstall School
  • The Lobster Shanty